Meet the cast

Most running partners are old friends, or they meet at the first day of running club, or they’ve passed each other on the sidewalk so often that they decided to join forces. Our story is a bit different than that, we met in the cozy world of the Internet.

We became quick friends on a popular running (cycling, and swimming) social network. At first we were competitors looking for that spot on the leader board, but as we got to know each other, we realized that we had a lot more in common than a crazy passion for running – we geek out hard when it comes to training, shoes, gear, nutrition, motivation and inspiration.

Instead of simply annoying our loved ones with stories of homemade gel pouches, lost toenails, or boasts about outrageous appetites, we deiced to take things to the next level with Run Talk Radio.

Get to know us as we explore the runner’s world of nutrition, gear, training, and anything that may pop up during friendly conversation about a sport we all love.

The team!

Caleb Masland Caleb has been a runner since childhood, being inspired by seeing his mom set course and age group records well into her 50’s and 60’s. Though a serious Cross Country and Track runner in high school in Vermont, Caleb didn’t quite have the goods to walk onto the team at Wake Forest. Maintaining a decent level of fitness over the years, Caleb rededicated himself to running in 2007 after having his knee (ACL) reconstructed. Since then, he’s become passionate about the science, history, and theory of running while breaking a number of PRs. Now a Boston qualifier and sub-3 marathoner, Caleb is always looking to improve his own personal fitness and running abilities.

By day, Caleb provides IT consulting to top organizations, but in his spare time he is working on building his own training philosophy and strategy. His concept, training to be “bonkproof,” is focused on adapting the training strategies of elite athletes to the reality of everyday life, and seeks to turn regular people into high-performing runners. Caleb lives near Athens, GA with his wife Lindsay and young son Camden.

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Daniel Norton Daniel has loved running ever since a small child when, orphaned and hungry, he was taken in by a wolf pack. There was nothing he enjoyed more than a simple afternoon, chasing down and devouring a deer with his brothers and sisters. Later, he rejoined society and promptly stopped running though never tiring of mauling classmates and peeing on doorposts.

In college, Daniel picked up running once again when a cute girl told him that she ran six miles a day. He responded, as most wolf-raised dudes would, with “yeah, me too.” And so began a very painful period in his life where he pretended to enjoy running six miles a day with said cute girl. Eventually, pain gave way to enjoyment and the girl moved to Texas. So, he did what any sane wolf man would do and started playing ultimate frisbee because 90% of ultimate frisbee players were raised by wolves. (Google it.)

After becoming much more civil, he and his wife, who was not raised by wolves and did not run six miles a day, moved to Manhattan, an island where ultimate frisbee is shunned and only played by the lowest dregs of society. Here, he decided to return to the passion of his youth – running and killing deer. Unfortunately, deer aren’t allowed on Manhattan (Google it,) so he settles for running.

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Daniel Norton Kathy Simpson grew up in Alaska, far away from the foggy streets of San Francisco she now calls home. As a result Kathy wore nothing but mukluks and cross country ski boots until the age of 18 when she moved from her family igloo to the Pacific Northwest. Upon entering the lower-48 she learned that other footwear was possible. She tried flippers, ballet slippers, and rollerblades before settling on running shoes. And she’s never looked back.

Her love affair with running started out casually, running a few afternoons a week to clear her mind after class, a run at 11:30 at night when home visiting the family igloo [cause it never gets dark in Alaska in the summer, remember that movie with Al Pacino?], a fun 5 or 10K with friends. One day Kathy woke up and realized that this seemingly casual relationship had become something much more. Running had become her therapist, her close friend, and her favorite activity.

A design engineer by day, and an endurance runner always, Kathy loves the never ending challenge of running farther and pushing herself further. She has three marathons under her belt and is looking forward to finishing two more before the close of 2009. Though none of these accomplishments hold a candle to the flame Kara Goucher lit after waving and saying hello specifically to Kathy.

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